Laying Down on the Job

Mom-obsessed toddler

Older kid sports and activities

Hubby’s kooky work schedule

My own kooky work schedule

Never-ending meal prep, dishes, laundry, picking up

Etc., etc., etc., etc.

All of these things contribute to me being one worn out mama!  But, it’s really nothing more or different than a lot of mamas…or parents in general!  🙂

I like to think I keep up with it all pretty well; but, I’m not a young mama anymore and, in all honesty, it takes my AMA body a bit longer to recover from it all.  As a result, I find myself needing more breaks than I used to…breaks where I simply need to lay down and stretch out, maybe close my eyes for just a minute or two.

Sounds pretty reasonable, right?  I mean, I’m not asking for naps every day (though that would be nice) nor am I asking to lay around all evening while chaos ensues around me (though that is sometimes tempting)!  Just 5-10 minutes to recharge?

NOPE!  Aren’t I cute to dream? (Wait…no time for dreaming, mAMA!)

So, I had to get creative.  I had to find ways to incorporate my “breaks” into playing with my kiddos.

Being that I like to share…here are some things I’ve done – over the years – to [p]lay:


Coloring/Drawing – spread the crayons and paper/coloring book on the floor.  Presto, laying down AND helping develop your kiddo’s creativity!

Playing Little People – I mean, they’re so small…you have to lay down on the floor to be at their level.

Reading them a story (or, better yet, a story marathon!) – cuddling up on the couch and reading is pretty close to heaven on earth.


Paleontologist / Fossil Game – for anyone with kiddos interested in dinosaurs.  Your kiddo is the paleontologist on a dig, looking for dinosaur fossils.  You’re the fossil!  You get to lay down, cover up with a blanket, AND close your eyes (after all, you’re supposed to have been dead for millions of years).

Carnivore vs. Herbivore – continuing with the dinosaur theme, you’re the herbivore who’s just been “attacked” by a carnivore kiddo.  You fall after the initial attack, maybe throw out some obligatory dinosaur defense moves; but ultimately succumb to the kill strike and lay with your eyes closed while the carnivore “air chomps” around you.

Kitty Cats – this is my toddler’s favorite game right now.  We crawl around like cats…I’m the mama cat and she’s the kitten.  Then, I find a sunbeam to lay down in and she does the same.  We meow and she cuddles up to me.  Laying down AND toddler cuddles…BONUS!

Mommy Makeover!  (This brilliant idea came from my own Mom – she used it for us when SHE was tired).  Lay, face-up, on the couch and let your kiddos brush / style your hair (even if it involves hundreds of barrettes/scrunchies…go with it, you get to lay down!), put make-up on you, do your nails, etc.  We used to find my Dad and ask “isn’t Mommy pretty?”

I’d love to know what ways other mamas (of any age!) have gotten creative to combine rest and play. Feel free to share in the comments

The ideas above are ones I’ve personally done or experienced. But, I found a related article with some other great ideas too!

Happy [P]laying, mamas!! 😊

Image credits
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