“Me Day!!!”


Earlier this week, this mAMA took a “Me Day.”  I am a firm believer in carving time out to just do things that I want to do…eat/drink what I want to eat/drink…on my own schedule.  With all the demands on my energy and time; it’s nice to be able to do things on my terms every once in awhile.  I am fortunate enough to have built up enough vacation time to take these kinds of days about twice a year:  one around my birthday and the other just after Christmas.

I usually take my birthday “Me Day” closer to the actual date – which is in a couple of weeks (45…yikes!).  But, my kiddos get out of school earlier than previous years, so I bumped the  birthday “Me Day” up a couple of weeks.  This “Me Day” was especially welcome because I’d just come off a very busy and demanding time at work.

So…what did I do for my “Me Day?”  Facebook followers got to see my adventures in more “real time” as I chronicled my day.  But, here’s more of the 4-1-1 about the day that was about me!

6:35am – “Me Day” commences.

No better way to start the day!

I try really hard to do say a Morning Offering everyday – but I sometimes miss the mark; depending on how many kiddos are awake, if I’ve overslept, how much of a rabbit hole FB takes me down, etc.  But, “Me Day” started calmly, so I had time to get on my Laudate app and offer away!

8:00am – Quick diversion into Momville

OK…a slight veer into non- “Me Day” land.

I actually really like taking my kids to school in the morning.  Except for the traffic…ugh, terrible.  But, otherwise, we pop on some Spotify and cruise into the commute.

8:15am – Fuel up!!!

mAMA needs coffee everyday…but “Me Day” gets the big dawg!

Look at this monstrosity of deliciousness!  Venti Iced Nonfat Peppermint Mocha with light ice and no whip.  I try to only stick to Starbucks on pay-day Fridays…but, a pre-summer “Me Day” Monday just begged for one of these beauties!

9:00-10:00am – Spa Splurge (WARNING:  middle-age makeup-free selfie ahead!)

Ahhhh…post-facial glow.

I am not a mani-pedi girl.  I am not a massage girl.  For this mAMA…facials are where it’s at…they’re the ultimate in pampering!  I splurge on a facial once a year (let’s face it…they’re not cheap!) and am never disappointed.  For this “Me Day” facial, I super-sized my splurge and opted for an up-charged  pumpkin facial mask and fruit peel (“because I’m worth it…,” said dramatically, like the Loreal commercial).  The result…the pic on the left!

11:30am – Lunch!

Pad Thai with parentals!

I got a surprise invitation from my parents to go out to lunch!  Now, I see and/or talk to my parents several days a week; but we usually have to shout at each other above throngs of child voices.  So, to have uninterrupted conversation with good food served on nice china and water served in grown-up glasses that “clink” (and no one 13 and under saying, “there’s nothing I like here, Mom!!” or “ewwww!!!” throughout the meal) was a real treat!  I actually got to TALK to my parents and it was lovely.   Hmmmm…new tradition: “Me, and Mom and Dad Day?”  ♥

12:45-3:15pm – Kindle and chill

Couchin’ with my Kindle

What “Me Day” would be complete without some good ol’ fashion maxin’ and relaxin’?  Read my book, got drowsy, fell asleep…and boom!  mAMA got a nap!

4:00-9:15pm – Return trip to Momville

School / babysitter pick-up, traffic (again…ugh!), dinner, chores, homework, device battles, dishes, playtime, toddler tantrum (because she wanted the swing her sister was already on and, darn it, no other swing would do!  LOL!), 1st grade play costume drama and prep, bath/shower time, toddler bedtime, umpteenth conversation about Jurassic World and/or Godzilla toy purchases, older kid bedtime, blessings/hugs/kisses, and lights out.   Whew!

9:15pm – “Me Day” is back ON!

Seriously…one of my fave late dinners.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with the grossest-looking, yet most delicious food ever:  GUACAMOLE!!!!  Accompanied by a crisp and sweet Moscato…this was the perfect way to close out my “Me Day” menu.  (P.S.  I ate the entire container of guacamole.  No worries…I have a back-up.  LOL!)

11:00pm – “Me Day” closes the same way it commenced

No better way to end the day.

Thank you, Lord, for “Me Day” 2018 (Spring/Summer Edition).  Thank you for all the blessings you bestow on me to allow for this day of relaxation.  You know when I am weary and when I need to rest.  You know that in order for me to care for the precious gifts you gave me, I need to take care of myself, too.  I pray that other mAMA’s and Mama’s get the rest they need to be able to care for all of your children throughout the world.  Bless and protect us and our families always.  Amen.

“Me Day” Image Credit:  SpaFinder.com

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