BLOG BYTE – Shoe Edition


I CANNOT stop wearing or talking about these shoes (just ask my co-workers)!  I had a Christmas gift card to Nordstrom Rack and I needed navy blue flats.  (Yes, “need” is the right word here because navy blue is my favorite color and approximately 72% of my wardrobe is navy blue).  So, onto the Nordstrom Rack website I a-went, saw these cuties, and hit “order.”

What started as a little online crush with cute shoes (on SALE, no less…swoon!) has turned into a full-blown love affair with them!

mAMAs…let me tell you, they are hand-down, flat-out (puns!), the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned!!  

Usually when I know I’m gonna be on my feet a lot…say, I don’t know, chasing a toddler…I would just wear tennis shoes and resign myself to not being the most fashionable Mom at the soccer field…or church…or birthday parties…or school functions…you get it.

But, these blue beauties have changed the game for this mAMA!!  The big test came at my 1st grader’s school play a few evenings ago.  I wore the shoes and was feeling pretty cute and fashionable (gasp!).  But, here’s the thing:  baby girl has no time for school performance nonsense (her words, not mine)…she’s got things to do!!!  Important toddler things like running, climbing the bleachers, running, climbing the bleacher stairs, running in/out the gym doors, and…RUNNING!

These shoes made me feel like I was running on pillows!  No blisters, pinching, or rubbing!  I got through the performance with lots of comfy steps on my FitBit !  :-).

If you’re looking for fashion and function…I cannot recommend these shoes or this brand enough.  Thank you, Vionic, for making me one happy, comfy, and cute-shoe-wearin’ mAMA!  ♥


*This is not an ad.  I am simply sharing my opinions on this product.*



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