A mAMA A-HA! Moment

Light Bulb

Image Credit:  Shutterstock

Hello all!  As you know, I’ve not been posting as much on here in recent weeks…I think the last one was in July (?).  Anywhoo…I’ve been thinking about my blog and, quite honestly, feeling a bit discouraged about it.  Until today…

It hit me like a surprise 6th pregnancy at 42 (LOL!) – all this time I’ve been convincing myself I need to write some long, insightful posts to really show my perspective as an older mom.  Trying to think about what to say in aforementioned long, insightful posts became daunting and it was all holding me back.  Then, I got really real with myself:

I said to myself, I said, “self…you have 4 KIDS and a full-time jobby job!  When in the world do you have time to wax poetic about life, let alone write it down
(and add funny pictures to boot)!?!?”

I responded, “maybe you’re right, self…I have the attention span the size of a flea’s left eye these days…maybe I need to cut us a little slack?  It’s not like I have to write a novel to be impactful and genuine.”  

Myself said back, “yeah, girl…just keep it simple.  Just keep it real.  Just keep it you.”  

So, dear and devoted followers…I plan to do just that.  Perhaps it will be a simple image with a caption.  A shared article/link.  Some (hopefully) helpful advice.  Blog Bytes.  Who knows…maybe I’ll get ambitious and do a combination platter of those things with some other stuff on the side?   No matter the form, though, just know that I will continue to share small glimpses into my mAMA world and all in faith, honesty, humor, and love for these Advanced Maternal Adventures!

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