Senior Discount

Senior Discount

Recently, I worked the admission gate for the 8th grade volleyball games held at my kids’ school. This sign, showing the admission prices, sat in front of me during my shift.

During a lull in the stream of people coming in for games, I glanced at the sign and the “Seniors (55+)” price stuck out at me.  Then, doing what I’ve done quite often since having baby girl, I did the math:

I will be charged the “Senior Discount” when she’s in 8th grade!  

Get out your crystal balls, dear readers, and picture it:  my husband and I trottin’ in to watch our darling baby’s 8th grade volleyball game. The astute (and, most likely, much younger) parent volunteering at the admission gate will say, “that’ll be $3.00, McConnells.”  My husband will most likely smirk…for two reasons:  1.  he won’t be considered a “senior” (he’s 5-1/2 years younger than me) and 2.  he’ll save $1.00.  Ha!

So, I’m sitting there, pondering this rather sobering scenario when a couple comes up to the table to pay their admission.  One look and I can tell they’re middle-aged, probably mid-50’s…but I was momentarily torn about what the charge them.  I took a gamble and charged them the senior rate (I figured if I was wrong and they were 54, they probably wouldn’t be too mad because they saved a couple bucks, right?). The husband joked, “honey, she thinks we’re seniors,” as he gave me the $2.00.  I FELT HORRIBLE!!!  But, then she replied, “don’t worry…we are,” and we all had a little laugh.  Then, the wife said,

“It’s probably not every day you see parents like us here to watch their daughter’s game.”  

For a split-second, I was kind of confused because my first thought was that their daughter must be a coach.  “Parents like us?”  It was sort of an odd statement.  She then said,

“Our daughter is playing…it’s her birthday today…she’s turning 14.”  

She went on to tell me to expect “4 kind of big, burly guys,” to show up soon and asked if she could pay for them in advance.  “They’re her brothers…she’s the youngest of our 8…and they’re coming to watch her play for her birthday.”

I then gushed (you know…like a weirdo), “Oh my gosh…I have a 2-year old and I’m 45!  I’m like you!”  They laughed and proceeded to tell me that their children range in age from 32 to 14 and that the youngest was born when the wife was 44.  (I’ll save you the math…that makes her 58 now.  See how my mind works?  I’ve never done math quicker in my life!).  Anywhoo…they tell me stories of being confused for her grandparents and how they’ve had kids in their parish school for over 25 years!  I told them I haven’t (YET) been mistaken for baby girl’s grandmother…but it’s only a matter of time now.  I also told them about my kids’ age range and how we’ll most likely be at our school for many years to come.

Alas…they had to go and I was a little sad:  I wanted to hear more, talk to them more, have them share wisdom upon wisdom with me.  But, they had to go watch their baby girl’s game (darn kids!  LOL!) and another one of their daughters had just joined them.  I said I was so glad I got to chat with them, we bid farewell, and wished each other many blessings.

So, in essence, I guess I was shown the crystal ball that day…and if that couple is what I have to look forward to, I’ll gladly pay the Senior Discount.  :-).

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