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BLOG BYTE – Target Drive-Up Edition

Ahhh…Target.  The mAMA’s mecca.  The parental paradise.  Everything you could possibly need (and lots of stuff you don’t) under one bright, shiny, wide-aisled, and visually-appealing roof.  And, some even have Starbucks!  Ahhh…Target. (Cue eyelash fluttering).  Anytime I get the chance to go and meander in its hallowed aisles, I take it.

But, recently, this mAMA was so bone-tired, weary, and sore – that a necessary Target run (legit necessary…like we-were-out-of-something necessary…LOL!) didn’t hold much appeal.  Target wasn’t mad, though, it said,

“Hey girl…just jump on your app and tell me what you need.  I got you.”

I did just that, ordered what I needed, and planned to do the pick-up-at-the-service-desk thing (which is pretty cool).  The Target app then said,

“Nah, girl…I’ll do you one better…you don’t even have to get out of your car.  I know you’re tired and sore.  Just stay in your comfy minivan.”

Now, I’ve known other stores have this service and I had never felt the need to take advantage of it.  But, this had been a long day of travel and getting baby girl in/out of her car seat multiple times.  My shoulders, back, and knees were screaming. My husband was working, so I had to take her out with me – again – and she wasn’t really having it.  So, I clicked on the “Drive-Up” pickup option.  The rest was Target awesomeness history…

I told my husband about the experience and he said, “oh, so you’ll be doing that again, right?”  I said, “nope…anytime I get the chance to go and meander in its hallowed halls, I’ll take it.”  But, it’s nice that Target offers to help me when I’m feeling my old, bone-tired, weary, and sore self.  Thanks for having me, Target.

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