New Year, New Skills!!

Happy 2019, dear and wonderful followers! 😊. I hope your first couple weeks of the new year are going well! How’s everyone doing on those resolutions (tee hee)?

As we head into a new year, I wanted you to know that you should expect some new things from your friendly, neighborhood blog (about being an older Catholic mAMA!). I signed up for a class to help me be a better blogger, establish my niche, and build my brand!

Since I’ll be learning LOTS of new skills and LOADS of new information, I plan to try different things out in formatting my site, creating a new logo, and maybe 🤞🏻 start selling a little mAMA merch.

Most importantly, I want to create more meaningful content for you! I’ve pretty much been flying by the seat of my pants since I started this blogging journey and I think the content, so far, has reflected that. Learning more about the stuff that bogs me down, when trying to post, will help me be more efficient so I can focus on actual content and purpose.

I’m SO excited about this next chapter and I hope you’ll pray for me as I tackle it! Also, please send me feedback! What you’ve liked, so far, what’s not been helpful, and other tips/suggestions! I welcome it all!

Thank you! 🙏🏻❤️

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