Hi!  I’m Lesley.

Welcome to my blog!

Some Fast Facts about me:  

1.  I live in the central Ohio area (GBUCKS!).

2.  I am a proud Catholic † mom of six (6):  2 Heaven babies and 4 Earth kiddos.

3.  I am married to a wonderful guy who does all the laundry (yes…you read that right…ALL the laundry!) in our house.  He also cooks, loads the dishwasher, and changes the oil in both of our cars.  I brag about him often, so I would be remiss not to mention all of that here.

4.  Aforementioned wonderful guy and I have been married 17 years.  We’ve beat A LOT of odds and still like each other quite a bit.  ♥

5.  My faith is everything to me, but admit that I need to do more to treat it that way.

6.  It really does take a village to help raise children…and my village (you know who you are) is amazing!

7.  I work full-time in a job I love, with great people (again, you know who you are) who keep me blissfully insane…and accept me anyway.

8.  My life is fueled by prayer, coffee, and Ibuprofen.

9.  I laugh out loud at my own jokes.  #sorrynotsorry

10.  I am 45 years old.

11.  I have a toddler.

12.  I started this blog because of #’s 10 and 11.